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Centrifuge waste vegetable oil for WVO diesel, or the waste oil centrifuge for motor oil as fuel. Oil centrifuges are used in the alternative fuels market for cleaning WVO, WMO, and other biofuels.  To make biodiesel you need to process vegetable oil or you can filter your waste vegetable oil or waste motor oil to below .5 micron by centrifuge filtering and use as fuel for your diesel run vehicle or equipment.

Centrifuge for wvo or the waste oil centrifuge or  biodiesel centrifuge can be used to filter oil dewater oil and  dewater oil. The wvo centrifuge is excellent for wvo filtering, oil filtration, hydraulic oil filtering, gear oil filtering. The oil cleaning centrifuge will enable you to build a wvo  centrifuge filtration unit. You can filter oil to less than 1 micron.

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