Waste Oil Centrifuge 108 Gph Basic Filtration Kit


Waste Oil Specifications: The WVO centrifuge has the ability to clean your oil to below .5 micron while dewatering. With an oil centrifuge, gear pump, and drum heater you can build a centrifuge filtration unit. Oil filtering has never been so simple. This kit includes a 108 GPH WVO Centrifuge, 1/2 HP motor with carbonator-mount gear pump with 3/8" ports, heavy-duty 1500 watt drum heater, 200 PSI pressure gauge, 250 degree temperature gauge, adjustable pressure relief valve, electric cord, 2 ball valves, all fittings and hoses necessary to complete your unit. Also included are 3 poly bulkhead fittings with 1/2" threading which enable you to connect a supply line to your drum without welding. The only additional item needed to process WVO/WMO/Biodiesel is a 55 gallon banded drum (not included). For alternative fuels, waste vegetable oil (WVO), waste motor oil (WMO), and biodiesel seem to be the three most popular types. Waste vegetable oil centrifuge will filter WVO or use the waste oil centrifuge for dewatering your oil . The oil centrifuge is an excellent oil cleaner. Centrifuge filtering can polish your oil to below .5 micron. With this kit you will be able to build your own WVO/WMO centrifuge filtration unit. All internal centrifuge parts certified nickel plated to prevent rust and corrosion. 5 Year Warranty with guaranteed full factory service. See full warranty information.

108BK oil centrifuge
Waste Oil Centrifuge 108 Gph Basic Filtration Kit