Oil Centrifuge Filtration Unit 108 Gph Basic


The PAB 108gph Basic WVO Centrifuge Filtration Unit is the easiest and cost effective way to clean your oil. The “Waste Oil Centrifuge Unit” has the ability to polish your oil to less than 1 micron. Begin by filtering your oil to remove the larger particles. The unit has the capability of removing water by way of the temperature in the drum and from the centrifugal force of the rotor in the oil cleaning centrifuge. Heat your oil to 150 -170º F with the 1500 watt drum heater. There are no filters or filter bags to replace - simply clean out the rotor in the oil centrifuge when it is full. The 1/2 HP carbonator-mount gear pump delivers the hot WVO to the 1.8 GPM centrifuge at 85 PSI for peak performance. The carbonator-mount pump and motor takes oil from the bottom of the barrel to ensure constant recirculation of oil through the wvo centrifuge. When finished polishing the oil, empty your tank by way of gate valve. (Pump, hose, and nozzle not included in this kit.) Included are: 55 gallon banded drum with welded fittings, 108 GPH centrifuge , 1/2 HP motor with carbonator- mount gear pump (4.4 gpm), hydraulic hose and fittings, 1500 watt drum heater, 200 PSI pressure gauge, adjustable pressure relief valve, 1-8' electrical cord. Waste oil centrifuge or a centrifuge for WVO can filter your oil to below .5 microns. Centrifuge filtering can also dewater your oil. In alternative fuels, the oil centrifuge is the best filter unit for waste vegetable oil, waste motor oil, gear oil, lube oil, or transmission fluid. Oil cleaning centrifuges need a gear pump for operation and a drum heater for thinning the oil.

Shipping charge does NOT include drum shipping which will be added.

108BU oil centrifuge
Oil Centrifuge Filtration Unit 108 Gph Basic