Customer Tetimonials

  • I wanted to say thank you for the awesome service you provided when I purchased my centrifuge setup from you. I am having great success running black diesel in a 7.3 idi and all of our tractors and combines on the farm.

    B. Kramer
  • Thanks for your work Joe!  Picked it up earlier today.  Got everything out together and heating the oil up. 
    Pretty exciting!  Your instructions were exceptional.  Went together without a hitch.

    J.V. Goldendale, WA
  • Through research for the best centrifuge on the internet, this one was my first choice!!!

    J.R. Goodyear, AZ
  • Hello. Sorry I cannot remember your name. I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed the centrifuge I purchased from you about 2 years ago. It has been great. Thanks again!

    Jonathan S. Wilson, NV
  • Gday m8! The centrifuge arrived today and it looks as awesome as hell ! I am so in love with it already and I haven't even finished assembling it yet ! The small group of friends and family were stunned at the high level of workmanship and engineering. Tomorrow we will get our sparkies in to wire up the power plugs and we will set it up as a tote to tote gravity system. M8 I hope your are as proud of building this unit as we are of owning it.

    Australian Fishing Products
  • Thanks so much for the awesome customer service that you have provided me in past and future cases.  I will highly recommend anyone that is looking into getting into the centrifuge world to get anything  that they need from you,

    Kevin E. Newbury, OH
  • We just spoke on the phone about a centrifuge and you were extremely helpful and generous.

  • I want to thank you for all the wonderful information and great customer service you have given. 

    David B.
  • "........You have been more then generous and I can't say enough good things about you and what you do!"

    Jesse T.
  • We spoke on 11-3-14 regarding replacement nozzles for my 55gph centrifuge.  You told me to remind you of our conversation and to include my email and you would send me a set of new nozzles.   I want to thank you again for your outstanding customer service.  Best customer service I have EVER received, period.

    Dayton K.
  • Great product -- Great guy...... thank you Joe for the assistance and customer service!

    Ebay Buyer
  • Joe,Thank you so much for your encouragement and advice you have the best customer service, your incredible. I hope to provide the same for our costumers here in Acuna Coah. Mexico. You've set the standard high, thanks for the inspiration.Best Regards,

    Cesar RT
  • I just wanted to follow up and thank you for all your support before and after my purchase of the 120 gph inverted centrifuge and related equipment.

    I have been very impressed with the help you have provided 
    when I ran into set up and operation related issues. I was really 
    impressed the other day when I called to asked if I should buy a new  pump from you for an issue I was having. You suggested that it may be as simple as a new pressure relief valve I could purchase at Lowes locally for $12. It was indeed the needed repair and is up and running great the very same day. 

    To anyone thinking of doing business with PA Biodiesel I can tell you that my experience has been really good.

    Thanks again!

  • It was nice talking to the man behind the excellent service -
    Americans sure know what service is all about.
    Many thanks for all the info.

    Norma H.
  • Great Company, Great Product!  I’ve been using WVO for about 6 
    years (200,000 plus miles) and had been using a sock filter all that  time.  It worked, but I was replacing my filters on my two trucks every  1000-1500 miles.  3 months ago I bought an Ultimate Force centrifuge.   4000-5000 miles on each and I am still using the same fuel filters! Last week I did a bone head move and didn’t tighten down the nut to  hold the bowl in place, which stripped the nut.  They are sending me a  new nut and the top bowl screws – gratis.  That is going above and beyond!!

    Trent Billingsley
  • I enjoyed watching your Youtube presentations. I have been 
    researching WVO for motor 

    vehicles for over 18 mths now and you put out the best filtering option on the market. Thanks again.


    Jody C.
  • I purchased a 55gph kit from you about six months ago and love it!!! I  have cleaned well over 1,000gal of old oils. This is the most important  "appliance" in my home...I plan on buying another unit from you within a year or so. Thanks so much! 

    Joe Y.
  • Thank you very much for providing such excellent customer service. I thank you for going above and beyond to get me up 
    and running. I will turn to PA Biodiesel for all my future WVO needs!

    B. Sexton
  • I received everything today .... Thank You for the excellent service! This is my second purchase and I am pleased with all aspects of the centrifuge  unit. I purchased my first unit from you a few years ago and it is still  performing excellently. 

    Thank you again for the great service.

  • Thanks very much guys! Your customer service is the best and the quality of your products is excellent. It is a rare pleasure to deal with real people in today's business environment.

  • Thanks for spending your time with me today on the phone; I am very excited to use your centrifuge.  I have been using motor oil and wvo for years and I wish I would have found you earlier!  Thanks again.

    Joe Y.
  • I would like to thank you for great customer service.  I can't express my gratitude enough.  Your customer service is the kind America had 50 years ago!!!

    W.D. Keyes
  • Just wanted to tell you that my 65gph centrifuge setup works just fine. It removes brown muck from what I had previously thought was clean oil. It removes lots of it!  Judging from the length of the latest run between filter changes,and  judging from the molasses type gunk I've removed when cleaning the centrifuge......your products are ace!

    Thanks again.

    Peter D
  • Hi Joe!

    Just wanted to shoot you a quick message of thanks for your business and supplying great products at a great price. I'm going on a little over 1 year now, and roughly 2300 gallons of Waste Motor Oil filtered thru one of your PaBioDieselSupply centrifuges (and systems) and couldn't be happier!

    In that course of time I haven't had one issue with the equipment, or have I clogged one fuel filter on my pickup. I'm fairly confident that with my typical 7-8 passes thru the Fuge before using the fuel; I've got fuel with a lower micron rating than pump diesel.

    Jeff R.

  • I've already ordered a centrifuge from you, your products, pricing, and after purchase support are great!

    L. Whitt
  • Joe,

    Just a quick thanks.  The centrifuge is excellent........put it together on the weekend.

    Thank you for your your fast and excellent service.

    Danny from Australia
  • Hi 
    I purchased your centrifuge about a month ago. I have been using it ever since. I have processed about 90 gallons and find this unit is just awesome. I am so glad I found your website and bit the bullet and bought it. I have already got my money back. In three 30 gallon batches I have saved $190 and counting. My truck runs perfect on the stuff (wmo) so far. Thanks so much for having this available. 

    Kevin S.
  • I just got my 55 gph system up and running. Ran it for 2 hours, opened the rotor and cleaned out a bunch of black sludge and poured out black "tea" from my used veg. oil. Thank you for your patient answering of all my questions, walking me through setup and trouble shooting (due only to my mistakes). This things works just as your website says (especially when I follow your directions!).

    I have been making my own fuel for about 5 years, starting with the "appleseed" biodiesel generator and progressing to a veg-oil conversion on my 2 Dodge Cummins. I was never really sure that I was getting my oil clean and went through a lot of fuel filters to prove it. NOW, it is a brand new day! Thank You for supplying a quality product with superior service. I rise up and call you blessed!!

    Kim Alexander
  • Hi Joe - The centrifuge system I bought from you last month is working wonderfully.  Before buying, I did a great deal of research on wmo/diesel blending.  One of the best resources I found was the alternative fuels forum at  Most guys there aren't using centrifuges, just disposable filters.  Below is an excerpt from a post I just made on that forum about you and your centrifuge systems:

    "You guys should really look at what Joe has to offer at PA Biodiesel Supply. His prices can't be beat and customer service is phenomenal. I have no filters to replace as my collection pump filters are washable stainless steel mesh. The centrifuge takes care of the rest and is very easy to operate with no mess. Joe has several systems to choose from or you can buy individual components if you want to design your own system. I chose his 120 gallon per hour inverted centrifuge system so I could clean 55 gallons of wmo in 2 hours with 4 passes. I really can't sing his praises enough. He has done all the leg work of sizing the fittings, hoses, pumps and centrifuges so his systems will work correctly the first time you use it with no trial and error or expensive mistakes (buying components that are incompatible with each other). His systems contain everything you need. He even has a series of youtube videos."

    If you would like to read the entire thread, you will find it at: My username there is elmergfudd.

    Craig Duncan
  • I want to express my sincere appreciation for all the information and technical assistance that PA Biodiesel Supply has given me. It took me several weeks to design, build and fine-tune a manifold system to filter my used transmission fluid. I still wasn't comfortable with the final product, though. The good people at PA Biodiesel Supply helped me troubleshoot both my Redline transfer pump, the centrifuge I had purchased from them, and my manifold setup. We found my Redline pump did not produce the proper pressure. They sent out one of their pumps and I installed it. The centrifuge performed much better. I was much happier with my end product now, but was a little concerned about some residue left behind in the bottom of my barrels. They gave me some good common-sense never want to draw from the bottom 4 inches of your barrel. Whatever is going to settle out of your oil, contaminates or water, they will settle on the bottom. I moved the opening of my diptube up to the 4 inch mark, and the rest, as they say, is history. I am very happy with my end product now. Thank you, PA Biodiesel Supply.

    Max Blacklock
  • I ordered my item (55 gph centrifuge) on Friday night and it arrived on Wednesday morning, having to cross the US / Canadian border. I still can't believe that it got here so quick. You deserve credit here for expedient service!

    John Eplett
  • Thanks Joe - I have to say it has to be real hard for your competitors to match your response time and service......And you have them all beat on your prices. Thanks!

    Don Campbell
  • I have been using and filtering waste vegetable oil since 2003. I recently discovered centrifuges and found PABiodiesel on the internet. The folks there answered all of my questions and gave me the courage to move away from filter bags and into the new age. I absolutely love my set up as designed by the folks at PABiodiesel and my oil is unbelievably clean. The ongoing support has been fantastic and Joseph has been incredibly generous with his time, his knowledge, and his resources.

    Torie Carlson, Ph.D
  • I just wanted to thank you folks again- it was a pleasure doing business with you.  During these times when so many factories have either shut down or moved offshore, I was really happy to find a top quality, American Made product. Not only that... it felt real good to be paying about the lowest price I could find on the internet and to get it so quickly without any shipping cost at all.  I'll be telling my friends about you!

    Dan MacLaurin
  •  cut above the rest! I ordered my centrifuge kit earlier in the year,and Joe has been an excellent resource. I doubt I've ever had better customer service from someone who genuinely wants the products they sell you work 100% right. His patience and kindness in dealing with me as I figured out how to make my system run smoothly was spectacular.He promptly responds to questions and puts shipments in the mail right away. I'm going to order everything I can relating to centrifuges and WVO equipment from Joe, and I've already recommended the site to all of my friends interested in this. Thanks for ensuring the quality of your products!

    Austin from Texas
  • I have ordered from J. Maze Corp several times now and would highly recommend them.Products have always been in stock and shipped the same day.

    Harvey Cleveland
       Zea Corporation
  • A centrifuge can be used for many different types of oil. Basically any oil that is not flammable. I use a centrifuge for wvo (waste vegetable oil) wmo (waste motor oil) and hydraulic fluid. Most oil doesn't go bad it just gets dirty. A centrifuge will clean wvo, wmo and hydraulic fluid down to 1/10 of 1 micron. You can settle your wvo for several weeks if you have time. But there is a very good chance of fine particles getting through. You can filter your wvo, wmo and hydraulic fluid with whole house water filters. The problem is a whole house water filter has a bypass, designed to let fluids pass once the filter is clogged. That's where the problem is. If it lets the wvo, wmo and hydraulic fluid through it also lets fine particles through that you can not see. I have used a filtering process with whole house water filters for a total of 4 years. I was looking for a better and easier way to clean the wvo, wmo and hydraulic fluid. I called Joe @ PA Biodiesel Supply, after we talked I decided to purchase a 150gph (Gallon Per Hour) centrifuge. I decided once I had the centrifuge setup I was going to filter the wvo with the whole house water filters. Keep in mind it took me a while before I got the centrifuge setup, so the wvo had settled for 2 1/2 weeks. I filtered the wvo through one 15 micron filter, one 10 micron filter, one 5 micron filter and one fuel water separator. So the wvo had settled for 2 1/2 weeks and was suppose to have been filtered to 5 microns. I then heated the wvo to 150 degrees so the centrifuge would properly clean the wvo and help evaporate the water from the wvo. I then run the wvo through the centrifuge for 1 hour. I could not believe what I seen when I opened the rotor on the centrifuge. The centrifuge had removed almost 3 pounds of contaminates from the wvo that was suppose to have been clean. You can see the picture of the inside of the rotor below. It looked like brownie mix. I then bought some 1 micron filter bags off ebay. I Poured the wvo through the filter bag, the wvo went through and did not remove anything. The bag was clean. If you are running wvo a centrifuge is the way to go. No more buying filters, no more waiting 2 and 3 weeks for settling. Just to have small particles like I did to get through. That is only 55 gallons and it removed almost 3 pounds of contaminates. That is a lot going through your pumps and into your engine.

    Dave Hiatt
  • I’ve been burning WVO in my 2006 Jetta TDI since it was new. Using Grease Car kit, I now have 96,000 on the car. Good clean oil is the secret to success. Using bag filters is too slow and tedious especially in the winter. With the PA Biodiesel system, I just pour in the dirty WVO using a wire mesh for the large chunks. After a couple of weeks when the tank is full, I turn on the drum heater, wait to 150F, then turn on the pump. I come back every 2-3 hours to clean out the centrifuge which is a simple and quick task, takes only 4 paper towels. I keep spinning until it’s down to a thin film. I’ve gotten over 7,000 miles on my in car WVO filters with this method.

    The people are great to work with, they promptly sent out a replacement pressure sensor to replace one that got stuck.

    John Rutkowski
  • "Special thanks to Joe of PA Biodiesel Supply for all his hard work on centrifuge systems and making a mobile filtration system possible for us....."

    Keven and Jose
  • "I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks! It really is a pleasure doing business with you. You have gone “above and beyond” my expectations in customer service and you products get the job done. Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,"

    Tom L Long Island
  • "I have had nothing but great experiences with this company; On the business end, they have very good prices, selection, and sell only quality products.  Prompt delivery as well! What I really love about this company, though, is the customer service, which I have yet to find better anywhere.  Joe really cares about his customers and wants them to understand fully the products as well as the processes at work.  His instructions are very clear and precise and can be understood without extensive shop knowledge, which was a big help for me!  These are real people and this is their passion; I am very pleased to have chosen this company for my centrifugal needs :-) and highly recommend that anybody in search of a reliable source check them out!"

  • My set-up uses 2 55 gal. drums plumbed into a manifold system.  I heat the unfiltered oil in the left drum, start the pump and filter into the right drum.  After everything has been through the centrifuge, I filter into the left one again.  I make a minimum of 5 passes through the centrifuge before I filter into the tube on the far left into whatever holding tank I have on hand.  I have valves top and bottom, so I can draw from either drum and filter into either drum or holding tank.  My pump is located below the platform the drums are sitting on.

  • Hello there,

    Attached are some photos of my centrifuge as it is set up in a plastic drum.The oil gets sucked from the bottom of the drum and pumped via a magnetic coupled tuthill gear pump also found on ebay through a homemade immersion heater with a 1000 watt water heaterelement. and then to the centrifuge. I run it for about 2hrs, and i know it would do more work if i left it running for a good while, but as is electricity aint cheap in these parts. maybe later I'll figure something out to heat it from the boiler.

    So at the end of the day i get some nice clean veggie oil which i burn in a modified beckett burner to heat my home.
    The oil is heated for four hours to 130, cooled and the water drained out all in an old stripped out water heater 40gallons at a time. Then filtered to 20microns and by no means absolute. I use a harbor frieght pump to push the oil through the filters at around 30psi.

    This drains into the centrifuge drum which is insulated. Once it gets here i run the centrifuge for about an hour at 50-60 psi until it reaches 140degrees and then let it run for a while at around 90psi. The thing that worries me are the hot hoses at 90psi and what a mess it would be if one burst or otherwise let loose. Buit for know, the difference is great. To clean the parts I wash them with a mildly acidic bath of somekind of driveway cleaner i found. I also use this solution to soak my spare siphon nozzles, which works great and is exponentially better than scraping parts clean. Hope this all makes sense. Let me know if you want more pictures, and maybe I'll make a video of it working. I've been at this for two years solid now, and was very pleased to start using a centrifuge.

    Eventually I will get off the grid and make my own electricity with a lister engine or two! Then the meter wont bother me so much.

    will eakins
  • Thanks for sharing this great info. As always, very informative and no bull. You're really out in front with complete matched components. And all for less than everyone else by a HUGE margin. Keep it up and bring us some more great vids

  • We were in the process of setting up a WVO filtration system using pumps and filters to clean the oil. The big down side for us was the sticky mess and ongoing costs of filters and the disposal hassle. 

    Fortunately before we got the system finished I came across Joe at and with the help of his videos I started to educate myself on the Centrifuge system as I had never seen one before. After seeing the simplicity and efficiency of the system I realized it is the only way to go. With what I have since learned I would highly recommend investing a little extra and purchasing a system from Joe. His prices are the best we could find anywhere and he definitely knows what he is doing and will even give advise you if you have any questions. 

    We used his system with a couple of personal modifications to suite our needs such as a roll along platform and we could not be more happy. If you are on the fence with a filters only system or the centrifuge it is a no brainer! The set up arrived much quicker than we were expecting and every nut and bolt was included including a roll of Teflon tape. Great job, Thanks again!

    Terry O