Ultimate Force Centrifuge

The Ultimate Force Centrifuge is a gravity flow style unit. Gravity flow style centrifuges work well at cleaning waste oils. Customers clean waste motor oil, waste vegetable oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, machine oil, cutting oil along with a host of other oils, also works well with harvesting algae. The Ultimate Force Centrifuge was designed for reliability and ease of use.

The Ultimate Force has one of the largest bowls offered. 9 1/2" diameter, 3 1/2" height. High quality aluminum cast bowl that self drains through 3 drain holes in the bowl base. Contaminant holding capacity of a full 88 oz. Process 100+ gallons of oil before needing to clean bowl. Simple bowl removal with Allen wrench.

The Ultimate Force unique bowl design enables the oil to remain in the bowl for a full 3 minutes at a 10 GPH flow rate. The longer the oil remains in the bowl, the more time the G force is exerted on the oil removing contaminants. Note: A 6000 RPM centrifuge with a small bowl where oil stays in the bowl 45 seconds will not clean the oil as well as a 3450 RPM centrifuge where oil stays in the bowl for a full 3 minutes. **Times based on a 10 GPH flow rate.

The Ultimate Force Centrifuge lid has locking tabs and accelerator built into the bowl lid. The bowl lid is easily removed with an Allen wrench and turning the lid clockwise. The accelerator pushes the oil to the bottom of the bowl thus forcing all the oil to the applied G force.

The Ultimate Force Centrifuge with 1500 Watt In-Line Heater.

1500 Watt In-Line Heater has a low density heating element and is thermostatically controlled. The in-line heater enables you to heat your oil while flowing into the centrifuge to help separate contaminants and assist in water removal. The mounting tab can be configured to fit any gravity style unit.

Ultimate Force Centrifuge with supply pump and variable frequency drive. You can change your gravity flow centrifuge to a pressurized system. Don't have the space for a tote in the air for a gravity flow system, no problem. You can set your totes on the floor, right next to each other. With the pump you can now flow from the supply drum to the centrifuge.

The variable frequency drive VFD lets you control the flow. You can set your centrifuge to clean your oil at 15GPH or to 5GPH. Have total control of your system. Additional Specs: Flow Rate: 1-60 gallons/hour (3.79-227 liters/hour) ****The slower you run this style centrifuge, ours or our competition, the cleaner your oil will be.** Unit Height: 20" Unit Diameter: 23" Housing Width: 15 1/4" Housing Depth: 5 1/2" Bowl Width: 9 1/2" Bowl Depth: 3" Oil Feed Fittings: 1/2" hose barb reduced to 1/4" inlet Drain Hose Fittings: 3/4" hose barb clean oil drain, 1/2" hose barb contaminant oil drain (hose barbs included) Leeson 1/3 H.P. 120/240V 3450 RPM Rated for Continuous Use Rated for oil temperature to 400* F One Year Warranty on motor and parts