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Today’s alternative fuels consist of various types of waste oil and biofuels. Waste vegetable oil or WVO, also known as cooking oil diesel, diesel vegetable oil, vegetable oil diesel, or vegetable oil for diesel, and waste motor oil or WMO, seem to be the more popular alternative fuels being used today. Our oil centrifuges are excellent for WVO filtering or WMO filtering to below one-half micron while de-watering your oil. PA Biodiesel Supply is a family-owned business.

It grew from our personal search to find good quality, inexpensively priced components to set up our own WVO centrifuge filtration unit. We began our business by offering just drum heaters. Starting as an E-bay seller, we continue to offer some of our products there. We feel our rating of 100% with over 1000 sales speaks for itself. Our product line has expanded to include biodiesel kits, oil centrifuges, and WVO filtration units. We offer gear pumps from both Oberdorfer and Dayton.

Waste vegetable oil and waste motor oil must be heated before being run through the oil centrifuge. The drum heater will heat your oil to the recommended 160 degrees with a maximum temperature of 425 degrees. For WVO filtering, and WMO filtering, or any other oil filtering for that matter —— oil centrifuges are the way to go. The oil centrifuge is the best oil cleaner on the market today. Our filter unit or filtration unit takes very little space and has a 2’ x 2’ area footprint.

Centrifuge filtering has never been easier as our units are made to operate without supervision. Oil filtering has never been so simple! Many people who produce biodiesel and waste vegetable oil to use in their vehicles are doing so to provide less expensive driving thus saving money. Why then would they want to pay top dollar for parts to build their processors and filtration units? Give us a chance to be your WVO/biodiesel product supplier.