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Why Us?

Our Purpose

 PA Biodiesel Supply makes oil filtration simple. We believe every diesel owner should save all the money they can. We want you to start as soon as possible and why we offer 48-hour shipping. We take all the risk out with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Our History

PA Biodiesel Supply was founded by Joe & Kay Mazenko as a family-owned business. It grew from their search to find excellent quality components to set up their simple oil filtration station. Today PA Biodiesel Supply is located out of East Texas shipping equipment across the world.

How we help 

Diesel costs too much and fuel can be produced at home for pennies. Save thousands of dollars, time, and mess-free filtration. Our centrifuge saves you the two most valuable things in life; Time & Money. Gain freedom by making fuel at home with the Ultimate Force Centrifuge. 

Why our Products 

Did you know oil or fuel filters have an efficiency rating?

Our centrifuges and kits will allow you to clean your oil to an efficiency no filter can do and all without the messiness and spills. Our products have been carefully designed and selected to be efficient and affordable. You will save thousands of dollars. You will save time. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Save time, and money, and gain freedom. When you invest in our equipment, you are investing in your future. 

Oil Filtration Made Simple