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PA Biodiesel Supply was founded by Joe & Kay Mazenko as a family-owned business. It grew from their search to find excellent quality, inexpensively priced components to set up their very own oil filtration station.

We continue to offer and innovate equipment to clean any type of oil that may be used as fuel in diesel engines. Centrifuges of different styles, oil transfer pumps, heaters, and more! We have what you need to reduce your costly fuel bills. 

Our pride and joy, The Ultimate Force Centrifuge was specially designed to be the best waste oil centrifuge! Featuring an enclosed bowl design for maximum containment capturing, an accelerator cone to ensure oil is completely cleaned, and a custom inline oil heater. Years of research and innovation with engineer Ed Zimmerman led to the creation of the Ultimate Force Centrifuge!

Our waste oil centrifuges are the best on the market, cleaning oil to 1 micron or less. Oil filtration has never been easier, as our units are designed to operate without supervision. Oil filtering has never been so simple!

Contact us if you have any questions, we would be happy to help!