Coolant Sump Cleaner


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This Coolant Sump Cleaner room will remove fine dirt and metal particles from oil and coolant down to 10 microns. This machine uses vacuum which pulled the oil through a reusable mesh baskets filtering out the containiments. Since there are no reoccuring filter replacements, this machine increases your cost efficiency! 

Coolant sump cleaner remove sludge, metal chips and swarf from coolant tanks and filter to the reusable stainless steel mesh filters. The system works in the principle of vacuum section. A powerful two-stage vacuum blower creates vacuum in the tank of the unit, which sucks in coolant, metal chips, swarf etc, passing it through mesh basket. Contamination gets collected in the basket and clean coolant flows through the tank of the unit. A centrifugal delivery pump delivers back to clean coolant.