Pressure Relief Valve 1/2″ NPT


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LEGEND MODEL T-50 pressure relief valves are for protection against excessive pressure. Recommended for oil system installations to protect against damage to piping and pressure tanks. They are set at 75 P.S.I. and are adjustable to 150 P.S.I.

Use this pressure relief valve to protect your centrifuge rotor. In rare instances a centrifuge may clog because of a large amount of debris caught in the rotor. To prevent damage this pressure relief valve will open bypassing the oil relieving pressure in the rotor. Pressure relief valve must be set at 100 PSI – Review specifications for instructions.

Centrifuge for WVO or the waste oil centrifuge or biodiesel centrifuge can be used to filter oil dewater oil and dewater oil. The WVO centrifuge is excellent for WVO filtering, oil filtration, hydraulic oil filtering, gear oil filtering. The oil cleaning centrifuge will enable you to build a WVO centrifuge filtration unit. You can filter oil to less than 2 microns.

Adjustment procedure:
1. Remove knurled access cap (Part #1)
2. Mark the position of the screwdriver slot in the disc (Part #3), in
relation to the body (Part #8); Using a permanent marker, make a
reference mark on the top edge of the body, at either end of the slot.
3. With a large flat-blade screwdriver, turn the disc clockwise to
INCREASE the relief pressure. One complete 360° revolution equates
to a 25 p.s.i. increase: 75 p.s.i. factory setting plus three complete
revolutions from the reference mark attains the 150 p.s.i. setting. 100
p.s.i. factory setting plus two complete revolutions from the reference
mark attains the 150 p.s.i. setting.
4. Replace the knurled cap.  Do not over-tighten.